Monday April, 6 – Conferences Access

1) 7am PT  OR 7:30   Sebastian Duguy /    Tami Boubekeur 

               They asked for 16hh30/4:30pm CEST and may only have half an hour, so need to rehearse quickly

RTC Keynote – Rehearsal, Thursday, April 2 ⋅ 7 – 8am PT | 16h00-17h00 CEST 
2) 8am PT TBD -Chris Roble and Greg Maguire, maybe with Christophe Hery & Cedric Guiard, Vladimir may join but only has 10-15 minutes, so need to jump quickly to test him if he is on.

Digital Humans Session 
Rehearsal, Thu Apr 2, 2020 8am PT|11am ET|17h00 CES

3) 9am PT Connie and Pol’s panel – Connie invited all speakers
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