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The Creative Process of Volumetric Capture & Photogrammetry

Brandon ZamelSpringbok Entertainment

New technologies continue to emerge and become accessible to storytellers. Implementing these new tools in an effective manner requires a constant balance between determining what is technically possible with ultimately what serves the narrative. What are the limitations and strengths of volumetric capture and photogrammetry for storytelling? This presentation will focus on Springbok’s VR experience, THE 100%: MAGGIE’S STORY, winner at the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 and Emmy Finalist.

Personal Profile
Brandon Zamel
CEO – Springbok Entertainment
Brandon Zamel is the CEO of Springbok Entertainment. He has produced a number of award winning immersive and interactive experiences.

Company Presentation
Springbok Entertainment
Springbok Entertainment is a creative production company that specializes at the cross section of emerging technologies and storytelling.