Highlights #RTC_2020 June 8 & 9

Mike Seymour
Lecturer, Researcher Digital Humans & Writer – MOTUS Lab (DDGR) USYD | co-founder – fxguide

Digital Humans | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | GANs

Raja Koduri
Chief Architect, Senior Vice President and GM – Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software

Virtual Production & Future Computing

Steve Sullivan
Partner, General Manager Mixed Reality Capture Studios – Microsoft

XR | 5G – How XR will be enabled in the Next Era of Computing

Nigel Tierney
Head of Content – Verizon Media /Ryot

XR | 5G – How XR will be enabled in the Next Era of Computing

Jan Pinkava
Creative Director

Immersive Storytelling

Luke Ritchie
Head of Interactive Arts – Nexus Studios

Location Based AR Visualization | Enhanced Location

Matt Rank
Senior Virtual Production Supervisor Industrial Light & Magic London
Mohen Leo
Visual Effects Supervisor Industrial Light & Magic London

Virtual Production Region By Region: Europe

Solomon Rogers
Founder & CEO – REWIND
Nils Wollny
CEO & co-founder – holoride

Vehicles and VR: The In-Car Entertainment Revolution Is Coming

Jeff Gipson
Director – Walt Disney Animation Studios
Jose Luis Gomez Diaz
Lead Software Engineer, AR/VR – Walt Disney Animation Studios

Making Disney Animation’s “Myth: A Frozen Tale”

Monday, June 8 & Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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Key Topics RTC June 8 & 9, 2020

• Virtual Production Region by Region: Europe

• Digital Humans | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | GANs

• Tools of Tomorrow: Real Time Live Demos

• Real-Time @ SIGGRAPH

• XR | 5G – How XR will be enabled in the Next Era of Computing

• The Ever Evolving Real-Time Cinematic

• Immersive Storytelling

• Future of Real-Time in Experimental Art & Education

• Location Based AR Visualization | Enhanced Location

• Vehicles and VR: The In-Car Entertainment Revolution Is Coming

• The New Storytelling Craft – Nonlinear, Dynamic, and RealTime

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